What Does The Color of Your Vomit Mean?

Puke, vomitus, regurgitation, whatever you call it, is the forceful act of the expulsion of stomach contents, through the mouth and sometimes the nose. For those of you who have gone through it, it is definitely an unpleasant experience.

Personally, I really really HATE vomiting. It begins with a vague but nauseating sensation. Eventually, waves and spasms of continuous gagging and retching is followed by the burning sensation of gastric contents rising up your esophagous. Vomit can be quite a culinary surprise for many, sour, bitter, pasty, chunky and more and the taste is always vile. If unlucky, vomit exits through the nostrils and delivers a pungent stinging sensation onto your nose walls. The final course is a lingering acidic taste in your mouth, together with small sediments that never seem to be quite spittable. Quite a meal eh?

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