10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Season While Boosting Your Immunity

10 Ways to Stay Healthy Winter can be a tough time of the year on your body, mind, immunity, and overall health. The indoor air can be a breeding ground for colds, the flu and even the blues. Since spending an entire winter indoors with a permanent runny nose can definitely bring you down, finding way to stay healthy while boosting your immunity is essential. These ten ways to stay healthy this season while boosting your immunity are simple, and if you follow each of them on a daily basis you will that you feel and look better almost immediately – read on to get started:

1. Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands for at least 30 Seconds While washing your hands may seem an obvious way to stay healthy, washing your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, several times throughout the day is key to optimum health. Hand to hand contact is one of the quickest ways to transmit germs that cause the common cold. If you are out and about throughout the day and aren’t near a place where you can frequently wash your hands, you may want to consider carrying a natural hand sanitizer to kill harmful germs and reduce bacteria on contact.

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