12 Superfood That Can Help You To Live Longer, Helthier Lives

Many people feel that they are simply too busy to eat whole, healthy meals every day. If you are among those people, it is super important that when you do eat, you are choosing foods that provide the maximum nutritional punch. Superfoods fit this bill, known to be the most nutritional, healthy food available superfoods pack a healthy punch that your body needs for optimal health. The best part, superfoods have been enjoyed by people of thousands of years, they amazing foods with even more amazing health benefits. Read on to learn my 12 favorite superfoods and a quick tip on how to incorporate each into your daily meal plan.


Chia digests very slowly so it gives you a boost of energy well after you have consumed it. It is super nutritional with a low glycemic index that won’t affect insulin levels. Used by ancient people for millennia – it packs a huge nutritional punch landing it number one on our list of superfoods. I recommend adding it your daily orange juice, sprinkling it on a salad or mixing it in with fruit and yogurt.

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